Our Reflections

Project Spotlight: NASM Card Game

  • Alicia Seguin (RS) & Jeri Dow (NASM)
  • 03.01.2023
  • gamification
Part of what makes me excited to be in the L&D field is the constantly evolving ways learning experiences are being transformed and reimagined. We had the amazing ...

Client Spotlight Series - NASM

It’s no secret that we have the best client partners in the L&D UNIVERSE! And we’re not just saying that. We are truly fortunate to work with leaders in the L&D ...

Get a Move On: 3 Benefits of Using Animation for Training!

Animation been around longer than you might think! People throughout the ages realized that pictures of moving objects could be flipped in succession to create the ...

The Hunt for the Perfect Image for Your Training

We’ve all heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to training, this still holds true (if not even more true!). Sometimes finding the right ...

Using Comics in Your Training May Just Save the Day

As a kid (heck, even as an “adult”!) I’ve always loved comic books and graphic novels. They have a wonderful way of pulling you in and guiding you through stories in a ...

Training Video Tips & Tricks - Take 1 - Start With Your Talent

So, you want to add video into your latest training initiative? Great idea! But it’s no secret that interactive elements, such as video, can be one of the largest ...