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Learning Management System

Our LMS system auto-magically goes above and beyond to collaborate in the design and execution of systems that turn learners into fully engaged, info-masters. Everyone gets the training they need, exactly when they need it. It’s like rubbing an enchanted learning lamp.

First wish? Deploy customized knowledge training with ease? Done. Second wish? Know it was successfully completed? Done. Third wish? Data automated curriculum assignments, learning modules that cover virtual/experiential/classroom learning, gamification options, and real-time, customizable reporting? Done, done, done and done.  Your wish is our command.

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Cognition Learning Management System

Performance Management

Cognition’s Performance Management tools inspire individuals to chase their potential, ignite growth, evaluate success and discover opportunities to go further. Show your people some love by giving them a simple user interface, clearly achievable personal development and business goals, social collaboration tools and measurable results and data, so there are no surprises.

Because, let’s face it, the only good surprise is a birthday cake in the breakroom, right? As a bonus, Performance Management can tie into the Talent Management process, so that managers and team members can work side by side on mutual goals.

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Talent Management

The closest your leaders can get to a crystal ball. Planning for “down the road” gives you limited access to what is in your direct line of vision. Instead, elevate your process with a bird’s eye view of your entire operational objective landscape. Cognition’s Talent Management system offers tools to collect learning/performance/resume data in one place, collaborate during the review process and strategically plan for succession. The laser focus achieved makes you less like a Manager and more like a Human Capital Wizard. Identify, develop and promote. Like a boss. Because, well, you are the boss.

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Talent Management System

Progressive Development

Wait. Isn’t it called “progressive discipline”? Not anymore! With a wave of our magic wand, we’ve given employee discipline and documentation a mega-makeover. We’ve transformed a punitive feeling process, into a clear, consistent and fair system that empowers managers to mentor and creates associates that are ready to rock as your brand ambassadors.

You’ve found your perfect team. Now, keep them moving forward with progressive development that inspires meaningful, open and constructive conversations and follow-up actions. Happily ever after, indeed.

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