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Imagination Propels Us Into Uncharted Territory

Training is a golden opportunity to engage and connect to your brand. We curate experiences that will not only help you accomplish your training objectives and increase retention, but excite your learners. A sense of inspiration strengthens your team members’ connection to and understanding of your business, in ways that crack through the surface of traditional training.

Customized eLearning

Creative design meets business objectives with scalable and measurable solutions. We are more than super brainy, mega-analytical solution designers. We are innovators. Brainstormers. We are on the case and nothing excites us more than solving the challenge of how to excite your learners. We find the hook that latches your team on to training information with impact that lasts. Get ready to collaborate in a way you’ve never seen before, to deliver results you never imagined possible.

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Customized eLearning

Off-the-Shelf that is Off-the-Charts

Our Essential Training series delivers turn-key learning solutions for every workplace. Existing modules can be tailor made to include your organization’s logo and policies to fit within your brand standards. Providing you with critical, high-quality learning content at a fraction of the cost is our definition of the ultimate win-win.

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Off the Shelf

We Make Hardcopy Easy

Whether you need perfect printed guides for your participants or instructors, snazzy worksheets, or slick quick reference pages, Reflection Software develops engagement materials needed to successfully support your training and makes them as beautiful as they are effective.

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How can we help?

Standing by is a team of creative Thought Partners including instructional designers, project managers, developers, and artists, at the ready. We will work with you to prioritize your objectives, identify your audience, and work out the ideal blend of learning solutions for your organization.

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