Client Spotlight Series featuring NASM

Posted by Alicia Seguin - August 31, 2021


It’s no secret that we have the best client partners in the L&D UNIVERSE! And we’re not just saying that. We are truly fortunate to work with leaders in the L&D space who are pushing their companies and industries forward in inspiring and interesting ways. So we thought, why not share their greatness with the world? This is the basis behind our newly launched Client Spotlight Series! We will be talking with teams across every spectrum of industry you can imagine, to deep-dive into their project processes and discover their unique approaches to content creation and delivery. Through their experiences and insights, you may just discover new ways to approach your own work!

The first client we are spotlighting is none other than the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)! NASM offers world-renowned training and certifications in all realms of health and fitness, including their flagship Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) program. CPT utilizes NASM’s 30+ years of scientific, evidence-based research to propel personal trainers' careers, which then allows them to help their own fitness clients go from just getting by, to excelling beyond what they ever thought possible!

Brian Sutton (Senior Content and Production Manager) and Andrew Payne (Instructional Designer) have a combined 20+ years with NASM, and both were instrumental to the successful launch of the newly revamped CPT program. We talked to Brian and Andrew about how they approached the monumental task of updating a nationally accredited certification program, including:

  • How they determined the overall program structure and the needs it should fulfill for their learners
  • The content gathering process and how to coordinate over 20 SMEs and peer reviewers!
  • Ways to approach and design a multi-faceted online learning experience
  • Helpful advice for how to approach development of a program like this one and tips to streamline project processes

For Brian and Andrew, knowing that they have helped to positively impact so many lives through their work is what inspires them to keep on creating, innovating, and dreaming up new ways to propel their learners forward. I speak for everyone at Reflection Software when I say it is a real honor and privilege to work alongside the NASM team, as they continue their quest to make the world a happy, and healthy, place to live.

Click below to view our full interview with NASM, and keep an eye out for more Client Spotlights coming your way soon!

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