Progressive Development

Create Opportunity through Accountability

Transform your employee documentation process into a powerhouse of progress. Easily collect clear, consistent information, coach managers through the difficult situations and ultimately, encourage development through a fair and empowering process. Teach your manager how to transform necessary conversations, often viewed as negative, into positive opportunities for open dialogue and growth.



Nobody loves conflict, but everyone knows having difficult conversations is part of management. What if you could flip the script and turn disciplinary meetings into dialogue that encourages growth? Take the mystery out of saying the "right thing" and avoid unconscious biases with customized templates and standardized language that reflects the relationship that you want to see develop between your associates and their managers. 

  • Incentivize behavior based on your mission and values
  • Automated HR supervision resolves potential issues before they escalate
  • Create a clear path forward with next steps and resolutions
  • Liability protection through documentation


Just the Facts

Fast forms with smart fields make filling out incident reports quick and thorough. Leave no doubt about what information is important or required, so your managers complete them accurately the first time.


In-the-Know Workflow

It's important that everything from write-ups to kudos go through the correct channels. Flexible document categories ensure involvement from the right staff, so everyone who needs to know is in the know. Ya' know? 


Be on the Same Page... Literally

Incidents happen. It's how we respond that counts. You've given your managers the language and the tools to have important conversations with their associates. Convenient dual sign-off by both parties on the same screen is how you know these meetings are complete.


From To-Do to Done. Ta Da!

It's hard enough to get stuff done. If you have to go searching, it's an even bigger chore. Having a to-do list front and center on your dashboard drives documentation from draft to completion.




You’ve come this far; why not go further? By joining the forces of our Progressive Development platform and our Learning & Development system you can easily see all of your data (and we mean ALL of it) in one place. You can assign training and learning opportunities to correct behavior, provide support, address safety incidents and find areas for growth. At the same time, you’ll be able to allow Administrators and Managers to assess those progressive development records and get a fuller picture when making decisions in talent management and performance reviews.

So, ditch the data warehouse, let Cognition be a complete solution to take growth to a new level. We’re here to walk you through it and better yet, be a partner to stay by your side as you grow.

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