eLearning: Why it’s ALWAYS a Good Idea

Posted by Sally Nabors - December 03, 2019


Three years ago with the help of YouTube I disassembled our front-loading washing machine to replace the door boot. I had nothing to lose. If all went well, I spent $50 on a part, shed a little sweat and breathed new life into the unit. Worst case scenario, I would pay the labor fee and a professional would put it back together using my new door boot. Well, thanks to the replayable step-by-step instructions on YouTube, the process went off without a hitch. I had no leftover parts and the machine still functions without a leak to this day!

I hear similar stories from all sorts of people who have attempted things outside of their wheelhouse thanks to the confidence gained through YouTube and other online tutorials. I mean, why WOULDN’T you employ a tool that enables you to access information at any time without needing an expert sitting beside you?

If this concept sounds familiar, that’s because this also describes the benefits of eLearning.

eLearning builds confidence whether you are training on job skills, developing leaders or managing compliance requirements. With video, gamification and other interactive techniques, eLearning presents the opportunity to engage your learners, boost retention of the material and test problem-solving abilities. 

On-demand is On Trend

In today’s climate where on-demand extends beyond the cable box, mobile-ready modules are available wherever and whenever learners have time to learn. And microlearning offers content in bite-sized portions, generally focusing on a single learning objective, to keep the time commitment to a minimum.

Tried and True

The methods used will vary based on your employee needs and the learning content. And, in many circumstances, it should be combined with on-the-job practice and mentoring for increased effectiveness. But the bottom line remains the same - eLearning is a proven approach that meets the way learners today prefer to learn.

What Will Work Best for Your Audience

Creating meaningful eLearning that is practical and supports knowledge retention starts with a thorough understanding of your audience. What are their current capabilities? What are the opportunities or gaps within their knowledge base? What motivates them?

We are here to help! We can assist with analyzing your audience and their needs as a fundamental first step towards developing a customized learning program that’s right for both your organization and your learners.

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