Troubleshooting Spotlight:
How Chrome 80 affects AICC and SCORM

Posted by Adam Trosper - January 03, 2020


The digital world we live in is fast-paced and ever-changing. Sometimes, old standards get left by the wayside while tech companies forge a new, better path forward. With Chrome 80, Google will once again change the way we look at developing AICC and SCORM packages.

Google Chrome version 80 — which is set for stable release on February 4th, 2020 — will include a few changes that will affect the eLearning industry specifically:


How does this affect us?

These changes to Chrome may prevent the most recent tracking data from being sent to the LMS when an end-user closes a module by clicking the browser close button.

In reality, end-users have always been encouraged to close the module by using an Exit button within the module instead of the browser close button to prevent any data loss. This data loss has always been a possibility, but now it will be much more probable.


So, what can we do about it?

We should still encourage users to exit the module using normal means like the Exit button within the module. In addition, we should consider making any Exit buttons more obvious and/or including a conclusion page at the end of the module that has special Exit instructions along with a distinct Exit button.

Also, some popular authoring tools have released new versions recently that should resolve the issue. For example, Storyline 360 v3.35 (released on 12/17/19) added support for Chrome 80. However, in order to apply this fix, you would need to republish your module using the latest version of that software.

For more information on exactly how your authoring software is addressing the change, I recommend reaching out to their support team directly.


While this change may seem like a hassle to those of us in the eLearning industry, I view it as a welcome change for the internet as a whole. It should help prevent scammers from placing traps to keep you on their website or take you to sites you didn't want to go to. Ultimately, it means a more secure internet for all of us... and that is a good thing in my book!


Note: If you’re a Cognition customer, we’re handling any system issues with Google Chrome. However, still be sure to test your content.

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