TechLearn 2019 – Putting the Learner First

Posted by Alicia Seguin - September 24, 2019


TechLearn 2019 summarized in just one word? AMAZING! We met so many talented peers that inspired thought-provoking conversations, which opened up a dialogue surrounding not just how L&D is doing now, but where it’s going into the future. On top of that, I tried my first ever Louisiana oysters which were also amazing (supposedly I was spoiled because I had some pretty dang good oysters according to my colleagues), but I digress. Out of all the sessions we attended, there was a theme throughout that really resonated with us…

Learning – NOW It’s Personal

…The focus on the PEOPLE! Sometimes we can get so lost in all of the content and creative treatments, identifying levels of interactivity, etc., that we lose sight of the most important goal: making training that is learner-focused, personalized, and adaptable. What does your learner truly need in order to comprehend and show their mastery of whatever it is you’re training? On top of that, how is your training accounting for learners as INDIVIDUALS? Everyone has different motivations for learning, and every single learner is approaching your training with different baseline levels of understanding. You may have content, that, for one learner is completely 100% new to them, and for another learner is old news. So, should both those people receive the same training experience? With the vast amounts of granular data we are now able to capture and review due to new technologies, the industry is moving toward a resounding “NO!”

A personalized training experience that can adapt and evolve means that learners will be given the chance to excel no matter their prior knowledge, and organizations can better meet the learner “where they are at” instead of a generic “we think you should be here” approach. You might even be able to unlock some hidden potential in learners that might have been otherwise overlooked if not for the personalized training that was provided.

More people able to excel = More quality work being done for your organization!

The bigger question in all of this personalized and adaptive learning buzz is how to create training in such a way that this would function as intended and create the desired effect. For that, I say to you “stay tuned” as we will be exploring this more in upcoming blogs…For now, I’d love to hear your thoughts on personalized learning! Is your organization currently running a learning experience like this? What has and has not worked for you? We are all ears!

To be continued...

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