Spring Time Means ATD Time

Posted by Alicia Seguin - May 17, 2019


Ah, it’s that time of year again. The birds are chirping, trees are starting to bud, shorts are being pulled from storage just hopeful to see a bit of sun (we are from Chicago after all). That’s right, it is the Association for Talent Development’s International Conference & Expo time, also known as ATD 2019! And if you didn’t know what I was talking about…then you do now.

ATD is one of the “can’t miss” L&D events of the year, and over here at Reflection Software we are always incredibly excited to be a part of the fun in the Expo hall. This year we are at Booth 246 from May 20-22 in good ol’ Washington D.C. We can’t wait to show you the cutting edge work we’ve been doing with our eLearning, and the major advancements we’ve made with our Cognition Learning and Development platform in the year since you last saw us.

We are equally as excited to hear from you and the cool things you’ve been working on! One of my favorite parts of attending ATD is being able to talk to peers and soak in all of the amazing work that’s being done. It’s also nice to be surrounded by people that actually understand what you’re talking about (sorry Mom, but spelling out the acronym for SCORM will just make you more confused). This is the time when we can really get a pulse on what is happening in the industry and exchange ideas and information that may have otherwise not been discussed if you weren’t there.

If you’re not as familiar with what we do at Reflection Software, we are all about curating experiences that will accomplish your training objectives and get learners excited. Just how do we do that? Come visit us at Booth 246 and we can show you! Literally, we’ll be showing demos of our eLearning and media services all launched through Cognition every day at the Expo hall, and I mean ALL day. There will be 3 of us at the booth and we really don’t leave. We’re doing things a bit differently this year also, because you’ll be able to test drive Cognition with your own customized access to the site! Ask us about it and we’ll give you the info you need to hop in the driver’s seat and take Cognition for a spin! When you stop by you may even get some super neat RS swag. You know what, who am I kidding… we don’t want to take all this swag home so you will absolutely get something when you stop by! See you there.

Can't make it this year? Let us bring the conference to you!

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