Keeping the Connection Through
Social Distancing

Posted by Liesl Christle - March 31, 2020


COVID-19 is shifting the way all of us operate. The news is transforming our expectations daily, if not hourly.

Being an internet company, we’ve always had the opportunity to have our associates work from home, but, historically, we have chosen to work in a traditional office setting because we believe in the power of collaboration.

As many have also experienced, we have temporarily shifted to WFH and are challenging all of our associates with ways to virtually collaborate and keep our team in this together – not only for our RS-community, but for our clients and partners as well.

Virtual is connecting us more

Adding in Zoom meetings and Slack messaging to our already steady stream of communication via email and phone calls has our team feeling just as connected, if not more so. In fact, it’s giving us more glimpses into the lives of our colleagues – from pets making cameo appearances in the background to scheduled video conferences for afternoon tea or coffee, we’re finding that ‘virtual’ is making us all a little more ‘personal’ as our work and home lives start to merge.

We’re finding this to be true in all our relationships, actually – from our family, friends, and our clients. We are all wanting to connect more to make sure those in our lives (both personal and professional) are safe and well. It’s in the creative ways that we’re checking in and reaching out that have those relationships growing and building.

Pet Conference Calls

Support is readily available

These are unprecedented times – and we’re grateful for cultivating a community that understands that. From technological shortcomings, balancing work/family hours with your partner, and possibly some new adventures in homeschooling, every day is bringing new challenges that require our attention and quick adaptation. Even though my challenges may not look the same as my colleagues or my clients, we all have the same understanding and respect for the situation we’re going through. We find ourselves sharing our stories and offering anecdotes or advice as support for each other as we navigate these unprecedented waters.

We’re witnessing communities coming together to support local businesses, artists are jumping online to share their talents, and neighbors are checking in on one another in creative ways. Compassion and connection are showing up in all kinds of different and unique ways for us. Whether it’s jumping on a video conference call to collaborate on immediate solutions, or just picking up the phone to check in with our clients (and each other!) and say “How are you doing, really?”, the way we do business has both changed, and also stayed the same in a lot of ways, too.

We’re all in this together, and we at Reflection Software are ready to walk through this with you. Give us a call, send us an email – connect in a way that works for you. We are here to collaborate, problem-solve, offer feedback – or just talk about coping with this new phase of our lives.

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