eLearning Trends for 2016 Include Analytics, Collaboration

Posted by Jessica Arenz - March 04, 2016


What are you hoping to accomplish with corporate training this year? This year looks to offer a lot of potential for any organization that wants to improve the way its employees learn and work. Stay up-to-date on what eLearning platforms can offer and look for ways to incorporate them into the way you do business. Here’s what to look for.

More Collaboration

“Employees are more productive when they work together, but without the tools for collaboration, managers can’t always expect workers to automatically solicit colleague input. When eLearning is used as a method to train and share information, employees are more likely to ask questions and feel comfortable working together for a better end product. Traditional corporate training has been done in classes or in isolation, but many Fortune 500s are adopting social learning systems to develop ‘learning communities’ into their training. Learners in these communities collaborate and share information during their learning experience, breaking the boundaries imposed by previous training.” — Tech.co

More Analytics

“2016 may be the year of data and analytics in the learning space. More organizations are creating long-term learning strategies and employee development is becoming a source of competitive advantage, not only in terms of product/service delivery but in employee recruitment. If we aren’t using data in a strategic way to close the loop between learning programs and business outcomes, learning strategy is greatly hindered. Look for greater reliance on third-party data analysis and reporting tools or in-house data analysts this year.” — Business2Community

More Short Videos

“It took a long time for video to catch on in instructional design, and in many instances, it is still falling behind today’s adult learning methodologies. There are many reasons for that. Some had to do with video quality or cost and time involved in creating videos. A lot of it had to do with how video was used. It was usually just a means to pre-record content meant to be delivered in a long-winded lecture style, or just use an actual live event and call it a video. Utilizing video in this style makes it no more effective than attending an actual leader-led event. Sitting through 30-60 minutes of a video will not allow your learners to retain the information, or coach your reports on what behaviors they need to change.” — Forbes

More Outsourcing

“Businesses are acknowledging that in order to train employees properly — and to retain the best talent — a couple of PowerPoint presentations aren’t going to cut it. Instead, eLearning professionals who understand neuroscience, engagement and media can cause a 180-degree shift in the way businesses train and how employees learn. The idea of DIY eLearning is admirable, but can be detrimental in practice. As more companies recognize the value of high-quality and engaging eLearning, expect to see more money spent on outsourcing services to those who can make the biggest difference.” — Chief Learning Officer


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