Cognition Updates:
Vimeo and Youtube Integrations

Posted by Alexis Munoz - January 05, 2023


With Vimeo and YouTube now integrated into the Cognition Learning & Development platform, you can start leveraging the world's top free videos for your training without compromising on tracking and accountability!

Now, it’s easier than ever to deliver exciting video content to your learners with Cognition; both by creating your own content and by accessing millions of publicly available videos on your favorite platforms! In one of our latest updates, we’ve added the ability to easily embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo into Video Learning Modules and Announcements with next to no administration. 


How it works

Before, administrators had to upload their own video files into Cognition but in this newest update all you need is a link to leverage content available on YouTube and Vimeo!

By using Cognition's Video Module workflow, you can ensure your students view the entirety of a video in order to get their completion and prevent them from skipping through any content. You can even start videos at specific timestamps to highlight just one portion of a video.

For the full guide on how to set up your own module, check out our knowledge base article. 


Exploring Publicly Available Content

With so many publicly available videos out there, it's hard to know where to get started! From inspirational talks, recorded webinars, industry news, and software tutorials there's a wealth of knowledge to pull from.  

Here are just a few of our favorite channels on YouTube to check out:

TED Talks - Inspirational talks given by experts and leaders on a variety of topics.

Microsoft 365 -  Tutorials and videos designed to teach both beginners and advanced users alike on programs like Excel, Teams, and more.

Google Workspace - Informational and educational videos to help elevate and improve your business, classroom, and teams.

Franklin Covey - Video lessons and talks on building exceptional leaders, teams, and cultures that get results.


Create Your own YouTube or Vimeo Channel

If you have your own YouTube or Vimeo Channel you can leverage the content you create there too! This can be a great way to share content by multiple teams across your organization and have just one central repository for your videos. 

Both Vimeo and YouTube have privacy options that will allow you to use these videos in Cognition while still keeping content out of public view.  For more information on how to use private videos, see our guide here.

If you do have content that can be listed as public, these videos can double as marketing material that can both attract new talent and educate your customers about your brand. Vimeo and YouTube provide user friendly tools and interface that will help you make effective videos without the need for a high production videography team. 


More to Come

We hope this update has you excited to start leveraging more options for video based training in your Development Plans! If you'd like to brainstorm the best way to get started, contact your Cognition Representative today and we'll be happy to help find the right strategy for your training goals. We have many more exciting updates in the works so stay tuned!


To learn more about our products and their capabilities in further detail, feel free to look at our website or contact us for a personalized demo.


P.S. Want to give making your own videos a shot?

Getting started for the first time can be a little intimidating, so here are some tips and tricks to get you started on the right track!


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