Talent Management


Our streamlined talent review process makes it easy for everyone to do their part. Breeze through the process quickly while collecting the data and insights you need each step of the way.

Talent Profile_1_numbered

Associate Profile Collection

Associates fill out a talent profile with the information that matters to you. Collect education, work history, skill assessments, career goals, and certifications all in one data-mineable space.

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Supervisor Talent Assessment

Leverage your managers' insight into your hiring decisions. Managers assess their team based off of your metrics. Collect review materials, strengthen evaluations.

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HR Talent Review Process

Make your talent review meetings easy. Examine associate talent profiles and supervisor feedback in one place. Empower your leadership with tools to focus and plan.


Review your associates with talent management tools that highlight the data that's most important to you. Your high potentials will jump off the page, helping you to quickly identify growth opportunities.

Capture Talent Snapshots

Complete reviews that are built click-by-simple-click.

  • Our One Page View gives a consistent space for every step of the talent review process.
  • Associates, supervisors, and HR managers follow their individual steps to collaborate seamlessly. With the secure document in the cloud, there are no more version-control issues.
  • Customizable layout featuring data points that you designate by what's most important to you.
  • Measure growth with instant year-over-year comparisons.
  • Binders? WHAT binders? Wasting paper for reviews is a thing of the past. Vive la révolution! (But you can still print a PDF if you want to.)

Talent Profile showing Associate talent information, supervisor, and HR reviews.

Compare, Contrast...

Create your perfect team.

  • Peer managers can easily compare their respective teams side-by-side to balance skillsets, cross-train, and fill competency gaps.
  • View talent profiles to see teams' work experience, education, strengths, and career paths.
  • On-screen editing capabilities to make changes on the fly.
  • Strengthen the organization through strategic, lateral moves that reinvigorate team dynamics.

Talent Review side by side view. Review team information side by side.

Align Your Shining Stars

Create powerful constellations (no telescope required).

  • Choose a nine- or four-box view to reflect your Organizational Development philosophy and place associates.
  • Put together all of the pieces of the puzzle after individual assessments.
  • Drag and drop to create a visual landscape of your talent pool.
  • Strategize and role play talent and succession scenarios.
  • Customizable to your organization's metrics for the perfect fit.

Talent Management placement nine box view.

Fly Through Your Review

The perfect co-pilot to take the headache out of the process.

  • Lightning fast editing tools make it easy for reviewers to complete their talent reviews.
  • Customizable wizards guide managers, every step of the way through reviews and evaluations.
  • Instill your corporate values and brand by creating a consistent vernacular across your entire management team.
  • Interactive drag and drop tools, sliders, and graphs increase comprehension.

Talent Management editor window.

Collect 360 Feedback

It takes a village.

  • Invite feedback on associate performance and behaviors from colleagues, direct reports, and supervisors.
  • Gain additional insight into performance and notice trends.
  • Synthesize clear responses by asking the right questions using the "start, stop, continue" model.
  • Email-driven process makes it quick and easy to give and collect feedback.

360 feedback with the start, stop, continue question model


Map out your future with visual succession planning tools that empower your hiring managers to find the perfect candidates for that open role.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Build your talent. Grow your company.

  • Map out your succession plans in an easy, drag-and-drop interface.
  • Compare different succession scenarios to determine what works best.
  • Plan ahead by identifying successors who are ready now or who could be ready with development.
  • Easily find candidates with dynamically-generated Talent Pools based on metadata.
  • Access talent data and statistics with one click to help you quickly make decisions.

Cognition Succession Plan view.

Strengthen Your Pipeline

Get a bird’s eye view of your company’s succession health!

  • Reveal gaps in your succession pipeline.
  • Get an overview of key leaders who do not have enough potential successors.
  • Identify high potential candidates who are overallocated.

Succession health plan


Get the most out of your talent review data with powerful search and filtering tools. Uncover the hidden gems and promote them within your organization.

Search & Find

Your company's got talent. Go get it!

  • Set ultra specific parameters. You need to find a Spanish-speaking General Manager interested in marketing from the Northwest? We've got you covered.
  • Search by experience, certifications, functional areas, and any other profile fields you've defined.
  • Target top performers in your organization to build your succession plan.


Dive into Your Talent Pools

Come on in, the water is (de)fine(d).

  • Defined talent pools automatically update and can be used in succession planning.
  • Empower your hiring managers with pre-qualified candidate pools for positions you commonly have to fill.
  • Curate talent pools that designate which qualities are required for each role.
  • Get a short list of candidates and quickly pull up their talent profile to make hiring decisions.

Talent Pools-1

And Bonus...You Get Us!

Included with all of our software solutions is a dedicated team of talent management system experts. Every client receives complimentary service, support, and mentorship to help you identify solutions that are right for your business, train your HR administrators, and get the most out of Cognition. It’s just one of the ways that we fulfill our commitment of putting relationships first.

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