Preventing Harassment

Goodbye harassment, discrimination, and retaliation!

Anti-harassment compliance training for employees and supervisors

Reflection Software’s Preventing Harassment eLearning series is the complete turn-key compliance solution for businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations looking to help prevent or eliminate harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in their workplaces.

Claims against employers in these areas are among the fastest growing with behaviors leading to costly disruptions, impact on associate well-being and morale, damage to brand reputation, and more.

It’s critical that every organization put measures in place to help say “goodbye” to negative workplace behaviors and...

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Say "Hello" to Respect, Diversity, & Inclusion!



Prevent Harassment in the workplace in a three-part eLearning series!

Each module features high quality media, real-life video scenarios and knowledge checks to help employees engage and retain the important concepts.

Used together or as individual modules, the off-the-shelf series is ready to use as stand-alone training or in combination with instructor-led training. It features content crafted in collaboration with some of the nation’s leading labor attorneys with comprehensive material and actionable steps for both employees and supervisors.

The series includes:

  • Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation

  • Your Role as A Supervisor

  • Respect, Diversity and Inclusion

For a complete outline of content and goals for each module, click here!

Training Beyond The Basics

Flexible and easy to use, the series can be launched from any Learning Management System (LMS) or directly through our Cognition Compliance Cloud for organizations who don’t have an LMS.

Our series is compliant in all 50 states; with state-specific provisions for California, New York, Connecticut, and Maine.

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