Strategized and customized to your business needs

At Reflection Software, we use creative design techniques and advanced functionality to fully engage users and promote greater knowledge retention, which is at the heart of everything we do – it empowers you with all the skills, strategy and services you need to complete your training solution.

2016 Bronze Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology

eLearning Options

Based on your content specifications, we work with you to select the best design strategy to most effectively engage your users. A selection of our eLearning options include:

Gamification   Microlearning   POS/Systems Simulation
Apply fun and exciting elements found in games to your eLearning for guaranteed user engagement.   Rather than trying to teach your users a broad subject, break it down into bite-sized lesson plans or modules.   Train users through real-to-life simulations of the POS device or system they will be working with on the job.
Tier-based Learning   Scenario-based Learning   Interactive Tours
 Learning concepts and objectives are arranged into learning blocks, allowing the user to build on previously learned content.   Communicate your company's standards through a series of scenarios where the user participates by providing the appropriate responses based on what they learned.   By interacting with 2D and 3D custom virtual environments, users are able to familiarize themselves with products, equipment, etc.
Knowledge/Skill Checks   Scored Tests   Instructor-Led Training
Include various knowledge and skill  checks throughout your eLearning. These can consist of multiple choice questions, matching and interactive drag and drop activities.   Ensure learning competency by including a final exam that can be scored and set to a specific passing score that each user must meet or exceed to complete the training.   Create impactful classroom or virtual training sessions that incorporate best practices in design, execution and retention.
  On-the-Job Training   Worksheets/Guides  
  Provide structure and accountability to one-on-one or independent learning events but outlining specific goals and objectives.   Templatized forms can be created to provide supplemental learning in the style of worksheets, participant guides, facilitator guides and more.  
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