Blended Learning Support

We understand (and support!) that not all learning is created equal – that sometimes both the content and the audience would benefit from something more than web-based learning events.  We are big believers in a blended learning approach. Whether you are using a physical, instructor-led approach or a digital, online learning platform, our team of experts has experience in creating attractive and informative assets to suit your needs.

From custom animations and infographics to live videos shoots, interactive micro-learnings and engaging writing, let our team help take your next blended learning session to the next level.

Support Materials

ILT Materials

Your classroom training materials can be as creative and impactful as your web-based content.  Whether its paper materials you hand out or host on a digital platform, we can mastermind the entire class from start to finish.

Digital Materials

When taking your learning materials to a completely digital format, there’s a lot to consider.  From look and feel to end user experience, we design to appease both the eye and the mind.  Learning is crafted in an attractive, but impactful way.

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Custom Micro-Animations and Videos

Animations are a great way to tailor the content to the audience to keep them engaged and maximize comprehension.  From upbeat, comic styles to a more modern, sophisticated tone, our design team takes content and makes it fun as well as memorable.

Videos are a great way to bring the learning to life.  Often the best way to tell a story is to show it, and video provides an opportunity to show behaviors and concepts in a real-to-life format. 

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Micro-Learning Modules

Short, interactive micro-learnings help the learner absorb and practice the content.  These small modules are just intended for practicing the content you just learned about, to help reinforce key concepts. 

In addition, we have created group-based games inspired by popular game shows that facilitators can use to encourage student participation and engagement.

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